How We Do Investigations

Our Investigations have a process, we just don't show up and start looking for the paranormal. We start with you contacting us thru email or phone. We then set up a initial interview that yes has paperwork and personal questions. We do not give out information to any outside sources or talk to anyone outside of F.A.P. After the interview we set up a date to come investigate. Before the investigation we gather as much information about the supposed haunted property and surrounding area. We will try to debunk and then try to find the source of the paranormal activity. Some investigations may take longer depending on the activity.
We have every right to refuse a case, some reasons are faked activity, if you are not upfront and honest about situations. 

Which one do you identify with most?

  1. Residual Haunting: A repeating phenomenon, almost like a energy trapped in a time warp. I know your singing the song now. Maybe foot steps during the same time every night. A figure in your hallway that shows up once a year. Think of it as a anniversary ghost. They are a imprint of someone no-longer there. It does not show intelligence. 
  2. Intelligent Haunting: It can communicate back to you hopefully, you have one with a funny personality. It Can move objects, knock over things, it is aware of its surroundings and of you.
  3. Catalyst Haunting: Also known as a poltergeist. It happens when one main person is present. Things can get crazy almost like a intelligent spirit. It is know to be the bottled up emotions or hormonal changes of adolescence. It also can be a adult. Trauma, stress, hormones, out of control energy can be factors.